AP State Syllabus AP Board 7th Class English Textbook Solutions Chapter 4B Dear Mum Textbook Questions and Answers.

AP State Syllabus 7th Class English Solutions Chapter 4B Dear Mum

7th Class English Chapter 4B Dear Mum Textbook Questions and Answers

I. Answer the following questions.

Question 1.
Who do you think is responsible for all the mischievous deeds?
I think it is none but the’ naughty boy who is responsible for all the mischievous deeds.

Question 2.
Why was there a strange jam stain on the kitchen wall? How do you think did it happen?
There was a strange jam stain on the kitchen wall because the boy must have taken out the jam in the kitchen in his mother’s absence and he might have touched the wall with the jam- stained fingers.

AP Board 7th Class English Solutions Chapter 4B Dear Mum

Question 3.
Did the boy play only indoors? Support your answer.
Yes, I think the boy played only indoors. The things happened in the house during the absence of his mother clearly indicate that he had done all those while playing indoors.

Question 4.
What do the muddy foot prints on the carpet suggest?
It suggests that the boy might have invited some of his friends into his house to play indoors and they all walked with muddy foot on the carpet.

II. Work in pairs and discuss.

Question 1.
Have you ever been mischievous? Share with your partner some mischievous deeds that you have done in the past.
Yes. I have been mischievous quite often. I used to turn off the burning stove in the middle of cooking. Turning on lights during day time, allowing cat to drink milk, giving away new chappals of father to beggar, etc. are other activities of mischief. They are too many to list out.

Question 2.
If you were mischievous like the boy in the poem, how would your mother react?
My mother would react with a smile and gentle warning most of the times. She would be very angry and beat me sometimes.

AP Board 7th Class English Solutions Chapter 4B Dear Mum


I. Read one or two stories about Tenali Raman and share them in your groups.

A Story about Tenali Raman’s Wit

Tenali Ramalinga was a jester and courtier in the court of king Krishnadevaraya. He was known for his wit and humour.

Tenali Ramalinga’s wife had a lot of jewels. She wore them in the day. At night, she put them away, in a box. She kept the box in her bedroom.

Tenali Ramalinga had two servants. They were rogues.

One day the two servants decided to steal the jewels. One servant said to the other, “We will steal the jewels in the night.” Then the other servant said. ‘Yes, it’s a good idea because in the night, they will be asleep. Then we will easily take away the box of jewels.” At that time, Ramalinga was standing behind the two servants and overheard what they had said. It was dark and so they did not see Ramalinga.

At night, they stood behind the door of the bedroom. Ramalinga knew that they were behind the door. So he said loudly, to his wife, “My dear! We hear that these days thefts are increasing. So our bedroom is not the safe place to keep the box of your jewels, in. I shall drop this box of jewels into the well which is in our garden.” The servants thought that the box of jewels would be dropped into the well. But Ramalinga cleverly took out all the jewels from the box and filled the box with small stone-pieces. Later he came out with box, went to the well and dropped the box into the well. He then returned to his bedroom.

After sometime, the two servants went to the well. They began the work of drawing out the water from the well. They poured the water into the garden. They did this work all the night, yet they couldn’t draw out all the water from the well. At day break, one servant said, “Friend, we’ll stop the work now and do it again tonight.” When they were about to go out, Ramalinga called them to his side. They turned, saw him and were surprised and speechless. Ramalinga told them, “You dirty rogues ! You wanted to steal my wife’s jewels. That’s why 1 filled the box with stones and threw it into the well. Nevertheless, you did one good thing. You watered the garden completely by drawing out the water from the well, all the night. Because of your bad conduct, I dismiss you both. Get lost now itself.” The two servants lost their job and went away.

AP Board 7th Class English Solutions Chapter 4B Dear Mum

II. Make a fun cap.

Kings have gone. Jesters have gone. Now, we have only jokers in circuses or comedy shows. They wear fancy dresses and a round cap on their heads. Work in pair, one student should give the following instruction and other has to follow it and do accordingly.

  1. Take a round colour drawing sheet and cut it along the dotted lines.
    AP Board 7th Class English Solutions Chapter 4B Dear Mum 1
  2. Hold both the corners of the sheet and overlap the cut parts to fit like a cap. Use two paper clips to hold the shape or apply gum along the edge to fix.
    AP Board 7th Class English Solutions Chapter 4B Dear Mum 2
  3. Decorate your cap by pasting shapes of different colours, (e.g. triangles, flowers, squares, circles, etc.)
    AP Board 7th Class English Solutions Chapter 4B Dear Mum 3
  4. Cut long strips of different colours.
  5. Make a small cut on the top of your cap and push the ends of the long strips inside through the hole and paste them inside.
    AP Board 7th Class English Solutions Chapter 4B Dear Mum 4

AP Board 7th Class English Solutions Chapter 4B Dear Mum

Dear Mum Summary in English

The poet says that some naughty children do naughty things both at home and at school. They cover their mistakes pr faults cleverly and nicely.

In this poem, a naughty boy made mischief when her mother was not at home. When she returned, before her mother’s asking him why he had done those things, the boy began to tell his mother the reasbns for various happenings in the house during her absence. He said that while she was out, a cup went and broke itself. A crack appeared in the blue vase. He did not turn on the tap but mysteriously the sink overflowed. He also expressed his surprise on how the cat managed to turn on the washing machine (especially from inside) or how the self-raising flour’ managed to self-raise. He said he was terribly afraid when a series of muddy footprints appeared on the new white carpet. He said he was not the cause of all these happenings and that he was good and honest. He said that he thought that the house was haunted, by ghosts, when he had gone over to his grandmother.

Dear Mum Glossary

mysteriously (adv): strangely

scared (v): frightened of something

haunted (adj): (of a building) believed to be visited by ghosts

have a fit (phr. v): to be shocked, upset or angry

self-raising flour (n): flour that contains a substance which makes cakes swell when they are cooked

gran (n): grandmother

AP Board 7th Class English Solutions Chapter 4B Dear Mum

for a bit: for a while

turn on (phr. v): switch on